Last Day Open for 2014 – Sunday, September 21
Bobby, family and crew worked hard all summer to bring us the best donuts in the world. Their last day for 2104 was a busy one. Thank you to all who came to the boardwalk and stood in line to get one, a dozen or more. The book will still be available here (on the website) and at local bookstores. I expect we will be selling them next year as we did this past year. If you don’t see the author (me) inside Britt’s, you can ask a server to add one to your order. It was a great summer. Thank you all.

Last Blast of Summer Book Signing at Britt’s Donuts
Saturday, August 23, Noon – 4pm.
Summertime Last Blast Book Signing for Britt’s Donuts – Forever Sweet. The authors will be at Britt’s Donuts August 23, Saturday – Noon until 4pm. Free 75th Anniversary sticker to Fan Club Members or with purchase of book. Come on down!
Note: Late Summer Hours are in effect. This week (8/17/14) Thursday-Sunday. Sunday closed at 5pm. Remainder of summer until September 21 (final day). Fri-Sunday. Sunday closed at 5pm.

WHQR’s Prologue radio program
Interview and call in show – Thursday, July 14, 7pm – 8pm.
Join Ben Steelman of Star News with local authors Daniel Ray Norris and Halyn Prusa for a lively book talk! Britt’s Donuts – Forever Sweet traces the humble origins and growth of this most beloved family business. Behind the scenes donut making secrets are finally revealed! Never before published photos illustrate its history and interviews with current and past employees showcase the enduring impact that Britt’s Donuts has had on people’s lives. Don’t miss this tasty talk with two local authors! (link to WHQR site)

July 3, 2014 (Thank you Hurricane Arthur!)
Barnes & Noble – Mayfaire Town Center
Daniel Ray Norris will be signing copies of Britt’s Donuts – Forever Sweet at Barnes & Noble in Wilmington, NC. The signing will be held from 4pm until 7pm and will feature 2 more SlapDash Publishing authors – Fred Pickler (Daniel’s co-author for The Reluctant Hermit of Fort Fisher) and Skipper Funderburg (Surfing on the Cape Fear Coast).

May 26, 2014
Britt’s Donut Shop now open 7 days a week.
Memorial Day weekend marks the period when Britt’s Donuts will start operating 7 days a week. And not a minute too soon. Hours of operation are 8:30am until 10:00pm. Sometimes you might catch the garage doors open until 10:30pm but be warned that the shop can close as early as 10pm. It all depends on the vagaries of supply and demand. Great care is taken to serve the best donuts possible and if production comes to a halt a bit early in the evening, you can be assured that the decision is based on producing great donuts. Donuts are made to order and this flexibility keeps supply as close as possible to perfection.

May 19, 2014
Presentation on Britt’s Donuts – Monday, May 19 at 7:30pm.
Federal Point Historic Preservation Society
Presentation by Daniel Ray Norris, author of Britt’s Donuts – Forever Sweet
Monday – May 19th, 7:30PM, 1121-A N. Lake Park Blvd., Carolina Beach (behind town hall)
Book signing to follow. Open to the public.
 More info here.

April 24, 2014
Latimer House Book Club
Book Presentation – Thrsday, April 24 at 11am.
The Latimer House Book Club hosted me for a presentation and luncheon. It was an honor to give a talk about Britt’s Donuts – Forever Sweet and to be considered interesting enough to entertain the guests for a whole hour. I truly loved giving the talk. Beverly Tetterton and Elaine Henson were in attendance, and that made my day. Also, my parents and wife… (they matter to!)

March 16, 2014
Book Signing and Opening Day Festivities – Friday, March 28 at 5pm.
Prepare yourself for the most awesome mash-up of culinary and soon-to-be bestseller book goodness in the entire southeastern corner of the great state of North Carolina. Hyperbole notwithstanding – it is gonna be a pretty fun time for everyone who attends. The authors will be present to sign your book. If you come to the signing book-less, we have you covered. Books will be available for sale at Britt’s Donuts starting the day they open for their 75th season in business – Friday, March 28. When you see Bobby and Maxine – tell them congrats for serving up the best donuts in the world. See you there!


March 5, 2014
Something “delicious” arrived in port 2 days ago.
Lo and behold – our ship has come in! The Yang Ming Mandate cargo vessel dropped anchor March 3 at 4:20PM in Newark Bay, NJ near the North End of Staten Island. The books are almost here. The bulk shipment is expected to make the last leg of the journey by truck and be delivered to the top secret holding facility (High and Dry mini-storage) next week. We had to pull out the stops to get it here in time for the GRAND OPENING, which should be March 28. If you have pre-ordered any copies – expect the order to be filled next week if the delivery is on time. But you never know. All sorts of monkey-wrenches could be thrown into the mix. All we have to get by now is US Customs. And I have had issues there before – let me tell you! We are just glad they are on this side of the world.

January 24, 2014
Got the advanced copies.
Well, the 5 advanced copies have arrived. Something so special, that represents so much work all wrapped up in a small bundle – covered by brown paper. It was a very sublime moment. I was alone in “SlapDash Publishing’s Worldwide Headquarters”. It was quiet except for the whir of the heating system blowing the vertical blinds around. Maybe it was my imagination but I think I heard a chorus singing as I tore open the carefully taped paper. Then lo and behold…. I pull out a single copy. It was perfect. Perfect in every way. Cold to the touch. And crisp as a newly minted dollar bill. I thumbed through all the pages. Stopping to look at particular spreads that concerned me as to their translation to print. It all looked great. I think I wore it out looking at it. Then I sat down to rest. It’s always a slightly tense moment when I look an advanced copy over for the very first time. Holding the book to my chest, I sighed a deep sigh of relief. Too excited to sit still – I stood up and did a little jig. A jig of sweet sweet satisfaction.


January 18, 2014
Wow! A lot has happened.
“The book” manufacturing is in the process of being finalized. I expect that all the pages are printed and many have been bound and are sitting in boxes ready to ship. The schudule calls for us to receive the “always exciting” 5 preview copies in about 1 week. Then, the bulk shipment should go out around February 27. Long story short – we expect to have “the book” in advance of opening day of Britt’s Donuts. That wonderful day is to be March 28. But this is a tentative date, so don’t get your tastebuds too worked up yet. This being the 75th year for Britt’s Donuts will make it a particularly special one. I hope everyone shows up this season to wish Bobby and Maxine a happy anniversary.

November 6, 2013
Launched email list and official fan club
Well… We set up a cool little mailing list thing that will be the primary way for people to join the fan club and simultaneously receive updates etc. about the book and Britt’s Donuts. It is under the “Join the Fan Club” tab above. If you haven’t done it yet, click the link to sign up. We will be prepping a “Fan Club” packet for the store soon that will include an official personalized certificate, decal and other options for those that want to take it to the next level or even as a way to gift a fan club membership with a little something to show for it. Stay tuned.